Tired of watching your traffic increase, but conversions stay flat? Yeah, us too.

What We Do

Our campaigns are informed by a deep understanding of the people who are looking for your type of product or serviceWe learn about who the target users are and what kind of pain points do they have. what messaging resonates with them to develop targeted strategies. Our team will find what messaging resonates with them to develop targeted strategies throughout their journey that drive engagement and, most importantly, conversions.

Who Our Members Are

East Digi build your Paid Search accounts from the ground up, making us accountable. Our team takes that growth —every PPC team member is Google Ads Certified. We know you’re busy, so let us take the burden off of you and turn your PPC into a conversion machine.


Target Audience

No matter how small the geography or how niche the audience, we have you covered. A consumer’s path can be windy and complicated, but we get that. We’ll define your customers’ search habits to glean insight into how they interact with companies like yoursWe’ll uncover what information people need at every step of their journey and build the bridge to connect them with you.

Landing Page Development

Landing pages make or break any lead generation campaign. We’ll design and test landing pages within your brand guidelines to return the largest number of leads within your budget.

Conversion Rate Optimization

ROI depends on how many conversions you get. DOM tests all aspects of your account to improve conversion rates to drive more of the right people at the lowest cost to convert the most into e-commerce sales or leads.


Regardless of how small the geography or how niche the crowd, East Digi has you covered. A consumer’s path could be windy and complex, but we get that. We’ll uncover what information individuals need at each step of the journey and make the bridge for connecting all them with you.


With quarterly strategy roadmaps, weekly and monthly reporting, we’ll not be with no compass along with a pulse. Think we’re done? Not a chance. What we learn from our analysis fuels our next move.


ROI-focused PPC Management

East Digi thinks PPC advertising must boost the bottom line. The goal is always to increase business. Our obligation is always to measure, increase & deliver positive ROI.

If increasing the profit isn’t your thing, maybe we aren’t the PPC management agency for you.

Complete Research

Truly effective PPC management starts by knowing the complete business and revenue model.

East Digi does things differently. Starting every new client account by taking part in thorough research. Before the first ads go existence we try to understand our client’s customers, industry, competitors, and business processes inside and outdoors.

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