[Google algorithm] What is the impact of the core algorithm update in June and July?



June and July of this year are the more difficult two months for website administrators, some people’s traffic is up in June, but down in July. And some people’s traffic is down in June, and down again in July. It goes ups and downs like a roller coaster.


今天的这篇文章就是要告诉我们这两个月有哪些算法更新,而当你面对核心算法变化时,应该用怎么样的方式 (及心态)去面对流量的波动。

Today’s article is to tell us what algorithm updates are these two months, when you face the core algorithm changes, what kind of way (and mentality) to face the fluctuation of the traffic.



The situation of the algorithm update



Please refer to below figure to understand the time course of this algorithm.




The update of the algorithm


产品评论算法更新The algorithm update of the product comment


六月核心算法更新The core algorithm update of June


网页体验算法更新The algorithm update of the web experience

2021/06/23 开始

打击垃圾网页算法(part 1) The algorithm update of fighting against junk web page(part 1)

2021/06/23 开始

打击垃圾网页算法(part 2) The algorithm update of fighting against junk web page(part 2)


七月核心算法更新 The core algorithm update of July




First is the product review update section, currently, since it is only applicable to comments published in English, so it won’t be specially stated here. The biggest impacts are the two core algorithms, then they are web page experience algorithm and garbage content strike algorithm.



Is the web experience algorithm update having a big impact?

先介绍网页体验算法的组成,分别为 Core Web Vitals、行动装置友善、网站安全性、安全传输协定、避免侵入式网页,大家都很关注 CWVs 对网站排名的影响,尤其是速度优化的分数。

First, we will introduce the composition of the web-page experience algorithm, it contains core web vitals, action device friendly, website security, secure transport protocol, and avoid intrusion web pages. Everyone is very focused on the impact of CWVs on the site rankings, especially the score of the speed optimization.


除非原本网页的速度就非常慢,否则速度优化可能会是一项 C/P 值非常低的项目,对于排名的提升效果也会非常有限。

Unless the speed of the original web page is very low, otherwise, speed optimization may be a project with very low C/P values. The improvement of the rankings will be very limited.



If the website itself is a large website and the page speed itself is relatively slow, it may have impact on the page ranking. But for this web experience algorithm, there was not much impact on the rankings.



Will the garbage content strike algorithms affect the ranking?



The garbage content strike algorithm means that lower the ranking of some black hat sites or junk content(For example, prevaricate keywords,the sentences in the article are very messy and prevaricate keywords pages carelessly, etc.)

不过根据 SER 的报导,这两次垃圾内容更新(第一次更新,第二次更新)都未看见比较明显的排名波动或网站打击,还有人说反而看到了更多的垃圾内容,连在黑帽 SEO 论坛的讨论中也没有看到明显遭受打击的现象。

However, according to the report of SER, neither of these junk content updates (first update, second update) has seen any significant ranking fluctuations or website hits. Others said they saw more trash content instead. In the discussion at the Black Hat SEO forum, nor did we see a phenomenon of obvious hit.



Perhaps this garbage content hit algorithm is just for the more niche content or specific content, there had little impact on the whole, so don’t worry too much about this algorithm going to go too much into your rankings.




What to do with the core algorithm fluctuations?



Can the optimization restore the original traffic after the core algorithm is completed?



Usually after the core algorithm is completed, your site may have significantly up or down. Note that if it is down, there is no recovery in a short time. According to the trend of core algorithms over the years, only the current core algorithm has the opportunity to recover.



It is recommended to do it in two directions, the first is the trend of the algorithm, the second is the signal of the overall website.




How to treat the trend of algorithms?


算法的趋势就是,Google 希望实现的目标及目前的差距,也就是前面提到的灰色地带,其实现在有个很明显的灰色地带,那就是 E-A-T 相关算法,这可能也是为什么 Google 搜寻中心在提到核心算法时要直接点出 E-A-T 的原因。

The trend of the algorithm is what Google wants to achieve and the current gap, that is the gray area mentioned earlier, there’s an obvious gray area right now, that is the E-A-T related algorithm, this may be why the Google Search Center directly points out the E-A-T when referring to the core algorithm



判断一篇文章的 E-A-T 有很多方式,像是个人经历、得奖奖项、团队专业度、品牌声望、文献提及等等,然后 Google 怎么去验证这个东西,我们必须从搜寻引擎的角度出发,网站不单单只是你加个得奖奖项或文献就能代表你是高 E-A-T,那些奖项的颁布网站有没有也指向你的页面、提及的期刊文献本身的可信度高不高等等,未来有机会也会撰写 E-A-T 详尽指南给大家参阅。

There are many ways to judge the E-A-T of an article, it is like personal experience, awards, team professionalism, brand prestige, literature reference and so on, then how does google go verify this thing, we must go from the search engine perspective. Website is not just you add an award or literature can represent you are high E-A-T, do those awards promulgation sites also point to your page, the mentioned journal literature itself is not highly credible, etc. In the future, I will also write a detailed guide to the E-A-T.


除了 E-A-T 外还有哪些是比较重大的算法,然后考虑到中文语意的理解程度,有哪些部分是你觉得未来算法更新时影响最大的,往这个方面去优化,在核心算法到来时才可能受到较少的冲击甚至成长。

Except the E-A-T, what are the other algorithms that are more important? Then consider the degree of understanding of the Chinese meaning, what are the parts you feel the most influential in future algorithm updates, to optimize in this respect, when the core algorithm comes, it may be less impacted or even grow.



What is the overall web site signal?


网站整体信号是一个相对抽象的概念,首先要知道页面没有单页权威度这件事,Google 在看网站的权威度时是以整站去看而非单页,这也是为什么只调整小部分项目很难对整体排名达到较大影响的原因。

The site overall signal is a relatively abstract concept. First, we need to know that the page has no this thing of single-page authority, Google looks at the authority of the site from whole rather than single pages. That’s why it’s difficult to adjust only small items to have a big impact on the overall ranking.


但是Google 并没有明说哪些信号是整体信号 ,所以 awoo 这边从一些比较重要的算法来列出可能是整体信号的因素:

But google doesn’t say what signals are overall signals, so awoo uses some more important algorithms to list the factors that may be the overall signal.


  1. E-A-T

权威、信任与专业度,如何让整个网站品牌在该领域具有一定的权威度与信任度,文章内容如何体现专业度、网站负责人的声望、团队可信度等等都是影响整体 E-A-T 的部分。

Authority, trust, and professionalism, how to make the whole website brand have a certain degree of authority and trust in this field. How the content of the article reflects the professionalism, the reputation of the website leader, team credibility and so on are the parts that affect the overall E-A-T.


  1. 外部连结比重

External connection proportion



External connection has been important factor in the top several factors, link to your website relevance, degree of authority and quantity, it will combines into your external connection proportion.


  1. 品牌声量

Brand volume

有些网站或是新闻媒体在网络上提及你的品牌,甚至连结到你的品牌,这某部分也与外部连结及 E-A-T 有一定的关联度,当你品牌声量越大在该领域越有一定的发言权。

Some websites or news media mention your brand on the internet, even connect it to your brand, this part also has some correlation with external links and E-A-T. The greater the voice of your brand, the more powerful you have a say in the field.


  1. 页面体验

The experience of the page

这与近期更新的页面体验算法有着较大的关系,但页面体验信号改善,通常需要做到整站速度有明显的上升,耗时耗力耗成本,而且目前观察到因改善速度而让排名上升的网站仍不多,在资源有限的情况下 awoo 更推荐投入其它以上提到的相关信号。

This has much to do with the recently updated page experience algorithm, but the page experience signal has improved, usually need to do the whole site speed rises significantly, it is time consuming, power consumption, and cost-consuming, and there are still few sites that see the ranking rising due to the speed of improvement, in the case of limited resources, the awoo recommend to invest in other relevant signals mentioned above.


  1. 负面信号

Negative signal


Improving negative signals is also a significant signal improvement, such as too much low-quality content, too much garbage external link, negative brand reputation. These are all relevant signals that directly affect the website as a whole.






大家一定有发现整篇看完怎么没说这次算法到底是影响哪一块,awoo 这边没有特别说的原因,就是因为核心算法的复杂并不是几个变量就能归因出来的,加上这次参杂了许多算法的改动,我们综合了许多国外专家的看法,但最终就是回归到算法的灰色地带、算法变化的趋势及网站整体信号上。

You must have found that the whole article didn’t say which one the algorithm affects. The reason why awoo does not say specifically is that the complexity of the core algorithm is not attributed to several variables. In addition, this time is mixed with many changes to the algorithm. We combine the views of many foreign experts, but ultimately it is to return to the gray area of the algorithm, the trend of the algorithm change and the overall signal of the website.


然后是心态的调整,核心算法更新后短时间流量回不来是正常的,我们能做的就是调整好网站等待下一次的核心算法到来后恢复更高的流量。也有客户E-A-T 做的好,结果流量却还是往下掉的状况、E-A-T 做的不好流量却起来的网站,但长远看来优化好 E-A-T 仍会让网站在未来受益。

Then there is the adjustment of the mentality, it is normal that the core algorithm can not return for a short time. All we can do is adjust the website and wait for the next core algorithm to recover higher traffic. There are also customers E-A-T do well, but the traffic is still down, while some customers E-T-A does bad, the traffic get up to the websites. But in the long term, optimizing the E-A-T will benefit the website in the future.



So the reason for no inductive flow fluctuations is the causal complexity, making judgement may also affect readers. The second is to bring the long-term concept to the article, it must be better than letting you only make short adjustments but have poor results.


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