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Our mission is to bring warm, cozy comfort to families all over the world. That’s a big goal, but our story started with a simple sewing machine.

One mother started making linens for her friends and family, and through that humble process she learned that home linens should be as cozy as a mother’s hug. That’s a lesson we still keep close to our hearts.

It began with the softest, most cozy sheets you could want for a good night’s sleep. And as new technology finds ways to help people with different sleep needs, we track down the best new fabrics and sleep-supporting technology and add exciting innovations to our line.

We’ve always tried to provide our comfortable products at a good price, so that everyone can enjoy a sense of belonging and the feeling of security only being truly at home can bring. It’s important to us that you and your family have great options for whatever your budget allows.

Part of how we do it is by going straight to the source and making sure we have good relationships with everyone from farmers to manufacturing plants. But it’s also because we sell directly to you, cutting the cost of middlemen.

We know how important family is to you, so we make it easier for you to surround your family in comfort. We make sure all our products are ethically made, sustainably sourced, and eco-friendly. And so our partners can afford the comfort they help create, they’re all fairly paid.

We’re proud of our humble beginnings. For us, it’s always been a reminder to treat people with kindness, to keep our eyes out for new ways to make people comfortable, and to deliver everything we make with a smile.

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