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Our vision: a revolution in home cleaning that gives people more time to pursue their passions.

Often life becomes a series of repetitive and tedious tasks that keep us from living the way we want. After all, who has never fought with another family member over cleaning duties? Or passed up time with family and friends because of a dirty house? Or said to themselves: why should I clean the floors, they’re just going to get dirty again!

Well, we believe that new technology and the advancement of artificial intelligence are both liberating forces that can take care of the kind of tasks that take away our time and energy, giving us more time with the people we love and more freedom to do what we want. In essence, to help us pursue our passions.


 Narwal was created over a dinner table.

The idea for the Narwal T10 was given to our founder during a family dinner. At the time, several of his robot research and development projects were not going well, and his family wanted to help out. Over the course of a meal, they suggested problem areas in their lives they thought a robot could help. One such suggestion, from the founder’s father, challenged him to invent a robot that could not only vacuum and mop a floor but also clean itself. That was exactly the inspiration he needed, and not long after the Narwal company was born.


For the love of freedom

As an intelligent innovation company, Narwal is pioneering advancements in high-tech areas including Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, 3D perception, A.I. object recognition, robotic mechanism technology, and big data applications. We have made breakthroughs in multiple fields and applied for more than 100 technological patents. And, after only 3 years, our team has developed the world’s first self-cleaning mop & vacuum robot.

We believe that a good invention is not only one that pushes boundaries, but one that can truly change people’s lives for the better. To this end, our Narwal T10 mopping robot comes equipped with an innovative self-cleaning function that will instantly improve the home cleaning experience for people around the world. Around this home cleaning revolution, we are building a community based on love for freedom and a diversity of ideas and lifestyles. Everyone is welcome!


Our final mission: You!
We believe in the value of communication, and we welcome all comments and suggestions from those who have helped support the development of our brand on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, have
purchased one of our robots, or are just curious about what we have to offer. Every bit of it inspires us each day to create robots that will give people more love and freedom in their lives. And we look forward to creating even more in the future. We’re here because of you!

Thanks to all! The Narwal Team

European branch office:
Company Name:Nova Silk Road Sarl
Company Address:C/o Regus 81 Rue de France 06000 Nice

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